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right here. right now. it's just us.

In the middle of the leaves changing from green to fire in late 2011, I suddenly realized everything I wanted in my life was literally at my fingertips. It was inside the little black box that captured light. I am a big advocate that following your dreams, bravely following your heart, is one of the only ways to discover yourself. To be happy. It's kind of scary, you know? It's vulnerable and demanding because I didn't just want to take pretty pictures. I wanted to see people. I wanted capture intensity and emotion with a grand, romantic intention that I couldn't often find in other's work.

And so I seek out couples and families that want their portraits to be works of art. They want photos they can hang for years to come and pass on to their children and their children's children--something you can't help but have in printed, tangible form because seeing it on a screen just isn't enough. I want to work with people who love through their hands and their sweet smiles and their hovering lips and their lingering squeezes. Wild little families and madly in love couples. That's who I want to keep me company as we romp through cities and country sides and capture this time, this moment in life. 

I don’t photograph what something looks like, I photograph what it feels like.


The p.s. is my favorite part of a letter-- that add on, the "and" of life. This is how I see photography: It is a moment you capture and take down that would other wise be lost to all the jumbled thoughts and actions of a day. I love when you catch something at just the right moment and it's just people and their loves...and it's real. So, when we do a shoot, I want to see you. I want to know you and hear you and feel what you feel. So don't be afraid to be your most genuine, silly, weird self with me--that's how we'll get the most beautiful photographs that we'll both treasure.

And besides, I've got a thing for genuine people ;)

 photo by TellChronicles

photo by TellChronicles


reallll personal:

I've been carrying a camera around for as long as I can remember. And I always had the intention of capturing emotion, but I didn't know how. For so long, I couldn't get the images in my head to come out on film. But I didn't give it up. I explored every crevice of photography until I found my voice. And my voice was showing the beautiful, raw parts of being human. The arts have saved me. They are a beautiful constant in my life and the time has come to share them and live them!

Creativity is in my bones.

It runs through me like electrical currents.

And beyond all of that, beyond what I love about it, it really is a blast! Sessions are fun and goofy and sweet. It's a great time to get cozy and allow yourself to be intentionally intimate with your loved ones.